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Utah State University DevOps Bootcamp

Become a DevOps Engineer

Designed with official AWS Academy cloud computing curricula, the Utah State University DevOps Bootcamp equips you with in-demand engineering training in automation, infrastructure, and Python.
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The Demand for DevOps Experts

In Utah, remotely, and across the United States as a whole, DevOps experts are in high demand.

According to research from Burning Glass, the number of DevOps engineering roles in the US will increase by 25.5% over the next 10 years. Businesses of all industries and sizes are actively seeking DevOps professionals. Notable local, high-tech companies like Goldman Sachs, Adobe, Accenture, Intermountain Healthcare, and Travelers are currently hiring.

Hiring for roles like DevOps Engineer and Platform Engineer, these companies are rapidly growing and building out their technical teams. USU DevOps Bootcamp grads will be well equipped for these roles and more.

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    Part-Time DevOps Bootcamp

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Fullstack Academy is a top-ranked immersive school for tech training based in New York City. Fullstack offers comprehensive in-person and remote training opportunities across the U.S. and prepares students with the in-demand skills they need to launch fulfilling tech careers.

Graduates are assisted by a dedicated career service team and leave as members of the Fullstack community—a supportive alum network that can help open doors to future jobs in the Logan area and beyond.

Fullstack brings its learning method, reputation, and community to the Utah State University DevOps Bootcamp to make DevOps engineering skills more attainable for individuals outside of traditional tech hubs.

How the Bootcamp Works

26-week, part-time training program requiring no previous experience or knowledge in DevOps
You’ll receive professional development assistance—resume, networking, and interview guidance to jump-start a lucrative career in DevOps

Part-Time DevOps Bootcamp Schedule

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays: 5:00pm - 8:00pm MT
  • Saturdays: 7:30am - 11:30am MT
  • Course Format: 100% Live Online

Tuition and Payment Options

There are many ways to pay for your bootcamp experience including self-pay, employer-pay, government assistance, scholarships and personal loans. Learn more about payment options.

  • Tuition: $12,495

    Students will need to make an initial deposit at enrollment with the remaining balance due one week prior to the first day of the cohort.

    Enrollment Deposit - $1,000 $99*
    Tuition During Program - $12,396
    Total Tuition - $12,495

    Utah State University Tech Bootcamps is committed to making tech education more accessible, so we’re reducing the enrollment deposit to $99* (normally $1,000) for a limited time. Get started on your journey before the deposit increases!

    *Offer eligibility: Upon admittance into the program, pay the $99 deposit in full prior to the enrollment date.

  • $1,500 Founder’s Scholarship

    To celebrate the DevOps Bootcamp launch, the DevOps Founder’s Scholarship will be given to all students enrolled in the inaugural May 2022 cohort.

    $500 Community Scholarship

    For Utah State University alums, current students, and employees.

    $2,000 Military Scholarship

    For active-duty military and veterans (for inaugural cohort).

    $1,000 Military Scholarship

    For active-duty military and veterans (for subsequent cohorts).

Big Return on Your Investment

Increase your earning potential with a new career in DevOps by learning in-demand skills in infrastructure, automation, AWS cloud development operations, AWS cloud management, and Python in just 26 weeks.

Entry-Level DevOps Engineers in the Utah area make an average salary of $90,000 (Burning Glass 2022) making it an exciting time to start a career in this growing field.

Graduates of the USU DevOps Bootcamp will qualify for full-time DevOps positions that could earn them a starting salary that’s +237% higher than the average entry-level salary in the Utah area.

What You’ll Learn


Introduction to Linux Systems Architecture

Core System Commands

Systems Administration

Shell Scripting Basics

Distributions and Building from Source

Security Hardening

Device and OSI Concepts

Routing and Switching

Ports and Protocols

Enterprise Firewalls

Proxies and Payload Inspection

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

Cloud Models and Shared Responsibilities Overview

AWS Well-Architected Framework and Pillars

VPCs: Native and Hybrid Network Connectivity

Identity Access Management and Permissions

Migration Practices and Architectures

AWS Operational Security Best Practices

Python Overview and Common Use Cases

Using builtin functions and libraries

Data Types and Structures

Standard Data Input and Output

Using Decision Controls

Create Modularity with Functions

Software Development Lifecycles (SDLC)

Translate and Port Code

Standardizing Data for Producers and Consumers

Source Code Operations

Secure Coding Practices

Secure CI/CD

Designing for High Availability

Automating your Infrastructure

Designing Web-Scale Media

Kick-Off and Team Assignments

Scope and Level of Effort Due

Technical Architecture and Data Flow Diagrams Due

Developing Storage Solutions with Amazon S3

Developing NoSQL Solutions with Amazon Dynamo DB

Caching Information for Scalability

Establish Dev Environment and Begin Prototyping

Tooling and Automations

Computing (servers)

Monitoring and Security

Continue Coding and Sprint Executions

Continue Coding and Sprint Executions

Code Deployment

Build a technical resume and craft cover letters

Optimize your LinkedIn profile and network within the industry

Personalized 1-1 coaching with interview and negotiation training

The Utah State University DevOps bootcamp combines official AWS Academy cloud computing courses with foundational data skills training from Fullstack to ensure comprehensive, up-to-date curricula.

  • The program includes labs and courseware from both Fullstack Academy and AWS Academy, blended into a unique fast-track student experience to train you from beginner to certified DevOps engineer in 26 weeks.

  • The curriculum is designed to help students develop technical expertise in cloud computing and help them prepare for AWS Certification.

  • AWS Certifications recognize individuals with the technical skills and expertise to design, deploy, and operate applications and operations on AWS.


AWS Certified Developer Associate Badge

AWS Certified Developer - Associate

This certification validates:

  • Understanding of core AWS services, uses, and basic AWS architecture best practices

  • Proficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications using AWS
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Badge

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

This certification validates:

  • Knowledge of how to architect and deploy secure and robust applications on AWS technologies

  • Ability to define solutions using architectural design principles based on customer requirements

  • Proficiency in providing implementation guidance based on best practices to the organization throughout the life cycle of the project
AWS Certified Sysops Administrator Associate 512x512 7ee4f9e7f4046349a3bfe27dcb1a54a340e04623 2x

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

This certification validates:

  • Knowledge of deploying, managing, and operating scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS Implementing and controlling the flow of data to and from AWS

  • Ability to select the appropriate AWS service based on computer, data, or security requirements

  • Ability to identify appropriate use of AWS operational best practices

  • Proficiency in estimating AWS usage costs and identifying operational cost control mechanisms

  • Proficiency with migrating on-premises workloads to AWS

Utah State University DevOps Bootcamp Certificate

  • Awarded upon successful completion of the Utah State University DevOps Bootcamp

Who Should Attend

The part-time program is specifically designed for beginners. There’s no experience required to apply, be accepted, or to succeed. Successful bootcamp students have backgrounds in:




Customer service

Graphic design




If this sounds like you, apply today and join others just like you on the first steps to a life-changing career.

Ready to Start Learning?

Apply to study part-time at Utah State University DevOps Bootcamp.

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